What to expect?

“Relax in a unique way and work together with local craftsmen. You will get insights into crafting, into your talents and you will create new perspectives for your life.”

The edge


pulling a stone

Tree laying



Wind protection

Rudolf on the road

Get new experiences into craftsmanship and the nordic way of life.

With our offering we target people looking for an active relaxation time. In a different environment we create something unique with our hands, brains and heart.

A typical day at Lone Wolf consists of joint and individual activities:

  • For the renovation and creation of the houses we work half-day. In the evening, we jointly cook, heat up the sauna and enjoy the quality time for good talks.
  • We offer the possibility to have an insight into local small art crafts or you decide to just enjoy the fantastic nature north of the polar circle.

From a local perspective, due to the lack of qualified personell, our offering is very welcome. Young people move down to the south of Sweden due to the lack of job possibilities up north.

The finished houses stay in the posession of Lone Wolf. We will use them as holiday homes when you return with your family as well as for housing possibilities during work times. Lone Wolf will also lend them out to the local community when needed.

Joint activities

Good weather

  • Wood works (timberman and carpenter work)
  • Stone works (walls, foundations, decoration)
  • Concrete works (foundation for chimney)
  • Electro works (wiring, internet, lighting)
  • Plumbing works (roof and chimney works)
  • Painting works (in- and outside)
  • Gardening works

Cold or bad weather

  • Carpenting works for furniture, sauna and other interiors
  • Plumbing works (roof and chimney works)
  • Painting of the interior
  • Other restoration and renovation work
  • Plumbing
  • Paving, tiling work

Individual activities


  • Hiking in the Fjäll or in the nordic forest
  • Fishing (Salmon, Arctic Trout, Grailing)
  • Timber work
  • Riverrafting
  • Quad driving (additional charge)
  • 4×4 driving on the northernmost Landrover test track (additional charge)
  • Blacksmithing (Knive or similar) (additional charge)

…and this is how a typical stay could look like.



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What to expect at Lone Wolf, Directors cut