Where are we?

The Lone Wolf area is about 10 ha in size and is located 130 km north of the polar circle in Swedish Lapland (Norrbotten). It does belong to the settlement of Hukanmaa (translated: area of the wolf).

It is in close proximity to the village of Kangos where our local partner operates the Lapland Guesthouse (www.laplandguesthouse.com).  In Hukanmaa you will experience pure nature directly at the river Lainio. Lots of forest, swamps, meadows and small lakes are all around the area as well. You will enjoy it!

Travel to Hukanmaa

The easiest way is to take the plane to Kiruna via Stockholm. At least, there are 2 flights daily. We recommend the flight arriving at around 1pm in Kiruna.

From Kiruna to Hukanmaa, we have organized a car transport which takes about 90 minutes.