Relax and work in Swedish Lapland

“Looking for some distance? Just get it and attend our program in Hukanmaa, 130 km north of the polar circle.”

Our offer

Together with you, we build a small settlement consisting of old Swedish loghomes. Be a pillar in creating and rebuilding this settlement in Hukanmaa (translated “meadow of the wolf”). The experience and the calmness are guaranteed, the relaxation almost certain.

  • cut down your own tree
  • engage at building a house
  • make your own knive in the blacksmith workshop
  • drive offroad on the northern most Landrover Testtrack in the world
  • dive into the culture of Swedish Lapland
  • be part of something bigger
  • …or learn everything about your team in a unique and special unparalleled environment.


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Create something unique…

Crafting experience is not needed as you will work and learn on the go being supported by local craftsmen. Step by step we jointly rebuild the houses and the surrounding area. You will leave something behind for generations to come and you will be proud of what you have done.

Dates: 2024 is already fully booked. 2025 will be defined. (registration)

…and benefit once again

As soon as we have built enough living space, you come back to Hukanmaa with your family and stay with us free of charge for the duration of your original worktime.

For example: 2 weeks of work are equal to 2 weeks of vacation free of charge.

In addition, you are getting 10% discount on all activities and your accomodation on your next stay at Lapland Guesthouse.