Questions & Answers

If you still have some questions or need some more clarification, please contact us!

Obviously, you may book this arrangement individually. If you decide to book as a group in order to get a discount or crate a unique experience together with your friends, please contact us upfront. The size of the groups varies from 4 to maximum 6 people, so we are able to ensure the personal touch as well as the best learning experience.

When booking for 2 people together, a discount of 5% applies, with 4 people we grant 10% discount.

Our offering can also be used for Team weeks as well as for Company Confernces or Outdoor weeks.

The construction work of the houses will be done jointly with local craftsmen. Due to the fact, as young people leave northern Sweden for the industrial south, our offering is appreciated by the local people. The shortage of skilled helpers and builders will be reduced by us.

That is the beauty, you do not need to have special skills in order to be part of the group. However, if you are motivated to work with your hands everything turns fine. We get support from skilled local craftsmen, they will instruct us how to work. If something is done wrong, don’t mind, there will be another chance to do it. We’ll make it work at the end, one way or another.

You are free to choose how much you would like to work. However, we would appreciate your helping hands half-day. You will experience a unique way of relaxation even with some sore muscles in the evening. The joint construction and renovation work will allow you to sort your thoughts and will provide new inspiration for your regular job or your life.

The cost for the program include full board and your stay in a modern yet rustique environment. It also includes a share of the cost for local craftsmen, machinery, tools, constuction materials, transportation and so on.

With your engagement, you create both the Lone Wolf settlement and also support some local value creation. And keep in mind: when coming back to enjoy the free of charge pure nature vacation with your family, you can show them what you have done and tell them how you have done it. Just to reiterate, the cost for 2 weeks of work in Hukanmaa, include 2 weeks of vacation up here with your family as soon as some buildings are built. You will also get a signed keepsake once you’ve done working.

Rebuilding and renovation those loghomes provides a wide variety of crafts to be executed. You choose yourself, whats right and doable for you. There is some heavy lifting as well as some more creative and fine work to be done.

We are starting with our offering in 2018. In order to build enough housing possibilities in Hukanmaa for returning customers, we need 2 to 3 years construction time. This is the simple reason for the waiting period we apply.

When returning with your family or some close friends, you can stay with us free of charge for the duration of your original stay. Two weeks of work allows for 2 weeks to reside in Hukanmaa in a Lone Wolf house for your leisure.

Around Hukanmaa, there are various possibilities for unique activities. Before unpacking the fishing rod, floating down the Lainio river, hiking the forest, unleash the sleddogs or starting the snowmobiles, you can show your loved ones the markings in the buildings you have worked in. Hukanmaa is also the perfect spot for traveling to explore the beautiful nature of the Lofoten islands, to experience the sparse vegetation of the Swedish mountains, to do a trip to the North Cape or even to the russian border close to Kirkenes.

In all buildings, we will have a board where we mark and document all people who joined us during the construction time. With this, also your work will be remembered. The buildings themselfs will remain in the posession of Lone Wolf and will be used for returning Lone Wolf guests as well as for local usage when needed.

In the long term, the professionally renovated and rebuilt houses will last for another 5 generations or so. What the people in 150 or 200 years will do with the them remains a speculation. The pride of what you have built with your own hands and the certitude will remain with you forever.

In the summer season, starting mid of June, there are some mosquitos to be expected. However, it depends on the weather and temperature. There are some good local recepies and also sprays preventing a sting.

The weather is changing fast and the temperatures in summer can swing between 4 degrees and rain up to 25 degrees with beautiful sunshine. The winter is very cold and very dry. 1.5 m light powdersnow and temperatures between -10 and -35 degrees Celsius are standard. In the dark times, northern light (Aurora Borealis) is not guaranteed but very likely.